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You really can't go wrong with the gift of writing or drawing. We have the widest range of pens in Europe, if not the world, backed up with a wide variety of journals, notebooks and other accessories. Many items here are not available from anywhere else in the UK. As over 40,000 customers have been happy to confirm on Trustpilot, our service is second to none - so rely on us to deliver beautiful gifts.

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Quirky Gifts
Quirky Gifts 44 Items
Don't know what to get someone? Here's a whole heap of ideas that are a bit different. Quirky, even, one might say. Things they probably don't already have.
Traditional Gifts
Traditional Gifts 57 Items
Looking for something a bit more traditional? We have all the classics, including some of the sort of fountain pens and writing sets you don't see around any more.
Luxury Gifts
Luxury Gifts 177 Items
A selection of the most luxurious products, from high-end fountain pens to some of the best paper and ink available anywhere.
Stocking Fillers
Stocking Fillers 143 Items
Stuck for someting to stick in a stocking? See our super selection!
Gifts for Artists
Gifts for Artists 105 Items
If you know someone who loves art, or even just dabbles, we have all the best art pens, pencils and accessories.
Pocket Presents
Pocket Presents 42 Items
Perfect pressies to put in pockets! Gifts for those who like to take it with them.
Gifts for Kids
Gifts for Kids 60 Items
Lots of pens and pencils for kids of all ages - from pens that are perfect for school to pure playtime fun!
Desktop Gifts
Desktop Gifts 53 Items
Everything to go on a desk - pens, pencils, toys and accessories to brighten or smarten up any desktop.
Creative Gifts
Creative Gifts 124 Items
The perfect gift for anyone who's a bit creative, or you think might benefit from letting their creativity out a bit more.
Gifts for Her
Gifts for Her 60 Items
If you don't know where else to look, here's a nicely varied list of things that might appeal!
Gifts for Him
Gifts for Him 125 Items
If you don't know where else to look, here's a nicely varied list of things that might appeal!
Gift Essentials
Gift Essentials 30 Items
The bits and bobs you need at this time of year - tape, glue, and shiny metallic pens.
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